TeamSpeak 3 Setup

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The members of the Adversity Social Gamers use voice-chat whenever possible. Not only is TeamSpeak a great communications tool, but it helps our members get to know each other better than standard text-chats could ever hope to achieve. Below you'll find the basic steps and guidelines to set-up TeamSpeak3. ONLY MEMBERS will be able to see the pertinent information needed to login to the server in a special block on the right sidebar!

Download TeamSpeak 3 and then install it .

TeamSpeak PTT SetupYou Must Setup Push-To-Talk (Click images to Enlarge)TeamSpeak PTT Setup #2TeamSpeak PTT Setup #3

Before you even try to login to our TeamSpeak Server, setup Push-To-Talk. Trust us, your fellow gamers will thank you for it, and it's damn simple to setup Wink

  • Launch TeamSpeak
  • Click on Settings >> Options
  • Click on Capture, choose Push-To-Talk
  • Click on the button just to the right of the Push-To-Talk option. This mini-window will let you set your own Push-To-Talk Key.
  • Click OK

Connect to TeamSpeak

  • TeamSpeak Connection SetupClick on Bookmarks >> Manage Bookmarks
  • Click on Add Bookmark, and then complete the fields at the bottom of the box.
  • Label: Adversity SG
  • Address: (see Member Only block)
  • NickName: Your name on our website
  • Server Password: (see Member Only block)
  • Click OK

Join us for chat by clicking Bookmarks >> AdversitySG

Be sure to let us know if you're having any difficulty joining our TeamSpeak server Good