Conflicting City of Titans projects?

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Conflicting City of Titans projects?
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Frontpage News: 

It looks like City of Titans and Heroes & Villains both sprung from The Phoenix Project to revive COH and the supers genre in general.  They both reference City of Titans and The Phoenix Project in their public materials... this spooks me.

Has there been any legal analysis done regarding who has rights to use this... does anyone have existing trademarks or copyrights on this stuff?  I know it probably doesn't seem to matter much right now, but if one or both become commercially viable and there is money involved, the other group may start eyeing up its legal options.  I just would hate to see two labor-of-love fan projects strangle each other to death over stupid legal hangups.


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If I recall correctly, the fall out in the original much larger group that sought to rebuild a successor to City of Heroes led to 2 groups - Missing World's Media and Plan Z Studios.  I believe there's some more information regarding this split/schism in the Rebuilding CoH thread on our forums.

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In a nutshell, Golden Girl didn't like not having complete creative control over the Phoenix Project, so she went off to form her own project - Heroes and Villains. She has no affiliation to the Phoenix Project or Missing Worlds Media. She's been reusing names like Titan City, however. I'm not entirely sure what legal ground she has. I'll probably have to bring this up with the company.

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