Secret World: New Theater allows your character to put on plays, stand up comedy

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Secret World: New Theater allows your character to put on plays, stand up comedy
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Frontpage News: 

The Secret World blog introduces the Albion Theater.


The Albion Ballroom Theatre is a grand old façade on Mayqueen Market in London, across the street from Ealdwic Park. As of Issue 4, you’ll be able to go inside, and put on whatever kind of show your heart desires! Our goal is to empower players. Open mic night? Sketch comedy shows? Extensive Shakespearean productions? Cabaret? Music video? It's really an open toolbox – you and your friends can use the Albion to do whatever you want.

 We really hope people will get creative with the Theatre – it's such a unique opportunity in modern MMOs to be able to truly express yourself. We observed remarkable creativity and intelligence in the TSW community right from the start, a collection of minds drawn to puzzles and storytelling, and we think the Theatre might be something uniquely satisfying for them. I've played MMOs for over 15 years and I honestly haven't seen this mix of truly inspired people in ... well, ever.

 So how does it work? One group at a time can reserve the stage for an hour for a small fee. Anyone who joins that group at any time has free access to get on stage and do almost anything you can think of! Raise and lower the curtain, place out sets willy-nilly, change the backdrop, add visual effects (weather, filth, confetti, etc), adjust the lights, trigger sounds and music... and tadaaaa you can host whatever show comes to mind. We've also added the "stagesay" and "act" chat commands, which broadcast your screenplay across a broader radius than the usual "say" and "emote" commands.

Once again the Secret World tries somethign completely unique. Now I have a venue to produce my Transformers slash fiction plays!
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ROFL If only their costume creator would let you make those fantastic Transformers suits I love to wear in CoX Wink