Happy 2nd Anniversary everyone!

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Happy 2nd Anniversary everyone!
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Yup, it's our anniversary!

In early October, 2010 Ember had an astronomically stupid idea. We were playing Minecraft single-player and wondering what the game could be like in multiplayer. She suggested we run a private Minecraft server. CRAZY! She weaved her special magic and I found myself saying things like, "I have an extra, unused computer here. We could use that." MAGICAL!

Those early days were a series of surprises and fiascoes. The multiplayer client was being updated all the time and our talents as server admins weren't quite legendary, but a few days later we had something like a server running. Miseri, CT, Ember, and I stumbled blindly through the blocky wilderness, which can also be a metaphor. Others joined us, then many others, and a few more. Eventually the world we affectionately called "Artica" was hewn from the living rock.

Its definitely our strangest world, created and altered as Minecraft was patched, and unfettered by the habits we have all since settled on. There's a continent, the eponymous Artica, dedicated to pixel art and sculpture and featuring a 10 story tall Burt from Sesame Street.

Two years later, five server resets, and the odd break, and our private Minecraft server is still up and running. We've seen forest fires, automatic doors that accidently killed anyone who walked through them, a small city made of giant Mushrooms, a recreation of Buckingham Palace, an attempt to recreate Jamestown that in its current unfinished state looks more like an archaeologist's dig, a Spleef arena taken over completely by monsters and sealed forever, a house shaped like a cake, entire towns built in giant trees, and many other bizarre and wonderful creations.

We've watched Ember build a castle, tear it down, build another, tear it down, and build a third in the same location. We been witness to a mad Canadian as he traversed the worlds, enslaving the indiginous people and stealing their lands (we made him an Honorary American). We've celebrated a blocky xmas with the Justice League and a giant robot that was more than meets the eye. We shrieked in horror as a chicken, set on fire as a joke, flew into the forest, where the fire spread like ...wildfire, taking the forest, including Miser's house with it and forcing us to scramble to stop the spread before the whole town was destroyed. We tiptoed carefully away from a pet shop whose pet Creeper somehow slipped from its cage and hasn't yet been found. We abandoned an entire world, where sleeping made your nightmares real and placed them squarely at the foot of your bed.

Thanks to everyone for using their own imaginations to entertain us all. Two years later and its still as fun as it was in the beginning.

To celebrate this occasion we have a few events planned on the server that we'll share with you when preparations are complete. Stay tuned for more info, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!


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Wow, I can't believe it's been two years!  This game has taken hold of us and not let go (at least for long) and I still love it just as much.

Each new server we start has amazing potential, and we get better at what our imagination tells us to do every time.


I'm ready for celebrations! Smile  Bring em on, but leave the creepers out.

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Happy Anniversary! Smile

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Happy Aniversery Guys!

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