Pax West vidoes of MMo

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Pax West vidoes of MMo
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From reddit:  I dont' know if anyone still uses this site but here you go.

Three panelists representing Ship of Heroes, Valiance Online, and City of Titans discuss the state of their respective games, and the nature of what each is developing, using City of Heroes and other MMOs as reference points. The discussion took place on Sunday, September 3rd in the Cat Theater, during the PAX West 2017 convention. The panel was moderated by Bicycle Walrus of DM21 Gaming, a gaming channel on YouTube.

City of Titans talk about their game (Alpha at end of this year)

Ship of Heroes (Alpha this month, Beta December 2018)

Standing by to include Valiance Online (Steam Greenlight this year end? Full release 2020)
Once they officially post it on their channel. (I will include it with an update edit as discussion goes along)

Nova IIDBZII's video about the panel "City of Successors" along with Alpha and Beta dates

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Still around Wink

I don't think there's been another MMO that has taken CoX's place - I could never get into the remaining MMOs - they didn't have the draw Cities did.  Shadow-Burn and I backed City of Titans back when it was on KickStarter, and I can't wait until the Alpha hits.  At this point, I'm willing to give any of these three spiritual successors a chance.

I'm hoping any of you who might still be around can/will join, and we can come together once again as friends and explore a new world of heroes, villains, and fun Good

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I'm still around too. is still my default homepage when I open my browser.  I hope that these games produce something we can get together and enjoy.