My first XCOM 2 mod. Yay!

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My first XCOM 2 mod. Yay!
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So for over a week now, I've been wrestling with UnrealScript trying to create a superficially fairly basic mod for XCOM 2. Well, it's kinda' sorta' done and I want to share it with you guys, for testing or actual use. If you don't play XCOM 2, the following will mean nothing to you:

The mod alters the way the Bladestorm skill works in the game. Currently, all it does is grant 2 damage to all sword attacks. My version does a little bit more. It gives you extra damage on top of that as well as some armour penetration, based on your sword's tech level. Conventional swords get no bonuses, Magnetic swords get +1 extra damage and +1 armour pierce and Beam swords get +2 extra damage and +2 armour pierce. It makes swords pretty gosh-dang powerful, if I do say so myself Smile

Oh, disclaimer! Any save games made with any mod on the Workshop will refuse to load if you disable that mod. Make sure you keep a backup save from before you enabled it.

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