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Feb 21


Payday 2: This gun has too many bullets in it

Sun, 2015/02/15 - 11:40am -- Samuel Tow
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Do you ever have that problem? You look at your badass gun and it's so nice and shiny, but you think "Man... There are just too many bullets in this gun! I need to do something about that!" Or is that just me? Well, either way, a life a crime is the perfect solution that. So, this Saturday, how about we go shoot some guns. Possibly at people, I haven't decided yet. I'll bring the ammo bags - I got tons of the things, they're so hard to get rid of. I'll bring the ammo, you guys bring the guns... And I suppose we can rob a bank along the way, if that's so god damn important to you. Also grenades. I'll bring some. I have a bunch about to expire. Might as well use 'em.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015 - 4:59pm
Samuel Tow
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Tonight was just me and Eagle. NT had to go to a funeral, I believe, and truss had chores to do. Dude - Eagle baked a pizza while we played. Where's your excuse? Smile We did get a random drop-in from EPhantom, an acquaintance of NT's because I keep my lobbies "friends only" rather than fully private. He's decent player, but had connection issues which... Well, that brings us to "success."

I wanted to try a Very Hard game since Eagle's been doing very well and EPhantom was helping, but that didn't quite work out. Upon reflection, I should NOT have picked Hoxton Breakout for it, since that's a HIDEOUSLY difficult heist once enemies start swarming, especially if we get a bad RNG roll. Which we did. So, we failed a heist - Pro Job, too, so we couldn't retry it. We did succeed in everything else, though, and I do want to try Very Hard in the future. Maybe when Truss and NT can join us, so we can have a full team. Very Hard is... Well, very hard with just two people. We'll do better next time. Probably try a smaller map with more cover.

Still, I'd call that a success either way. We won a lot and we levelled up quite a bit Smile

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