Hellooooo Adversity!

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Hellooooo Adversity!
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Frontpage News: 

Hello All!I just wanted to pop in and finally make my introductory post.

I am definitely excited about becoming a member of this group! Other than guilds specific to a particular game, this will be the first group I have ever been a member of, and the idea of gaming with a consistent group of people makes me want to play even more. 

Some things about me...

1: I have the unfortunate pleasure of being related by blood to one of your very long time members, Silver Eagle. He is my younger brother.

2: Although i have been known to be pretty particular when it comes to games, i will try or play just about anything. Racing, shooter, strategy, turn based, real time, RPG, MMORPG, first person, third person, etc. Some of my favorite franchises are Metal Gear Solid, Devil May Cry, Legend of Zelda, Elder Scrolls, Batman, Mass Effect, Command And Conquer, Mega Man, Final Fantasy and Dead Space.

3: I work in the construction industry. I do specialty electrical design and installation of Lightning Protection systems.

4: I am generally easy going, except when i play Dark Souls... haha

5: Beer

And that about sums it up!

Thank you all for the chance to be part of this group! I look forward to many hours behind this keyboard with you all!



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Orion Pax
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Welcome to our crazy home, Fuzzman!  An my apologies on the relations to Silver Eagle Stick out my tongue at you

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We always welcome new blood... er, beer... er, MEMBERS!


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Welcome aboard

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Samuel Tow
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Welcome. Be sure to check out the calendar to see what events people plan to run. See if anything catches your eye.

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