Happy Sysadmin Appreciation Day, Pax!

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Happy Sysadmin Appreciation Day, Pax!
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Frontpage News: 

Its Sysadmin Appreciation Day!

Thanks for everything, Pax! We appreciate you!

Truss Adams
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We do? And here I thought that we just took shameless advantage of all his generosity and ignored all his hard work, except to complain when the site goes down.

Stick out my tongue at you

As Marq says, Thanks for everything Pax! 

'It will help you if you add the phrase "And save the world!" to the end of that. I do it all the time, it cuts down on arguments.'
- Major, from The Red Panda Adventures

Samuel Tow
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Thank you, Pax. Your efforts are appreciated and your radio voice is still as sexy.

Of all the things I've lost,
I think I miss my mind the most.


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Where would this little group be without all your hard work???? Thanks!

Orion Pax
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Thank you all for the kind words, and for sticking together through all the years as I've learned, built, and botched things for our community Wink

I think to truly celebrate, we should play more games, because without you all, I'd have no community to help out, and that would be sad Shock